Brunch Cocktails


our Bloody Mary

Vodka, house bloody mix, chipotle, pinch of salt & pepper. Clarified in coconut milk & citrus, celery air.


Aperol Spritz

Aperol, passion fruit, prosecco, club soda



Bacardi superior, amaretto, passion fruit, mango purée, ginger-basil almíbar, lime


Alpinito de la casa

Tequila, peach schnapps, blackberry purée, ube coconut cream, cranberry



Mezcal, strawberry purée, greek yogurt, honey almíbar, fresh lime.



Scotch whisky, coconut cream, ginger-basil almíbar, mint, lime. Clarified in coconut milk, ginger ale



Vodka, guanábana purée, dry vermouth, coconut cream, Cabernet sauvignon almíbar, vanilla. Clarified in coconut milk & citrus.


Lulada Mule

Vodka, ginger-basil almíbar, lulo, fresh lime, ginger beer



Cazadores tequila, tamarind, habanero agave, lime, achiote. Clarified in coconut milk & citrus


Limonada de Coco

Bombay sapphire, lulo purée, panela almíbar, lime, coconut foam



Bottle of prosecco, your choice of juice.



Jeio Prosecco


Segura viudas, cava Brut


Segura Viudas, cava Brut Rose


Moet Chandon, Brut Imperial


Moet Chandon, Rose Imperial


veuve Clicquot, Champagne Brut


veuve Clicquot. Champagne Brut Rose


Dom Perignon Vintage 2013


Sharing Boards

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Food Image

Vegetarian Mezze

Houmous, Marinated Peppers, Turkish Ezme & Olives


Food Image

British Special Sharing Board

Cheddar, Stilton, Scotch Egg & Pork Pie


Food Image

Italian Board

Taleggio, Gorgonzola, Parma Ham & Olives


Food Image

European Board

Manchego, Camembert, Gorgonzola, Hungarian Pork Sausage, Feta Stuffed Peppers


Food Image

Meat Sharing Board

Pork Pie, Parma Ham, Pork & Duck Pâté, Roast Beef & Hungarian Pork Sausage



Monday to Thursday 5pm - 10pm
Friday 5pm - 12pm
Saturday 11am- 12pm
Sunday 11am-10pm
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